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"Respect where it’s most definitely due. Whatever anyone tells you about Nineties fashion and the functional revolution, Massimo Osti was there first, doing it first. Ten, even 20 years earlier…
Egalitarianism and elemental protection in one. Men’s fashion owes Massimo a great debt-one day his legendary personal archive of combat clothing and technical fabrics will surely become recognised as an Italian national treasure..."
Nick Sullivan, ARENA HOMME PLUS, A/W issue 1999

An unparalleled synthesis of the extraordinary creative career of a prodigious designer. The Massimo Osti’s Archive is the ultimate collection of ideas and inventions that have established a “gender” and have transformed the meaning of sportswear, leaving an unmistakable mark in the fashion world.

5,000 garments, 50,000 fabric swatches, hundreds of accessories and original sketches give precious evidence to the uncountable field works and avantgarde experimentations conducted by Massimo Osti in over 30 years of activity.

The thousands of swatches filed and kept by Massimo Osti in his extraordinary Archive tell us about the fashion and textile history of the last thirty years: from the most classic and timeless fabrics by top-notch textile companies to the rarest and most unusual and innovative samples, they have been assembled and reinvented to become the basic matter and primary element of his insatiable creative research.

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